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The Science of Wine:

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Frank Green: http://flickr.com/photos/46921770@N00/3910731826/From the sparkle in a vintner’s eye to the glass in hand, juice of the vine has gone through well over a dozen processes; each step has evolved through the centuries. Even today, we still attempt to improve on the techniques of the past, in search of still more perfect perfection.

The science of wine is complicated to the novice, problematic for the wine maker and [hopefully] heaven for the drinker. For every solution, a problem can be created. A balance of artist and architect is needed to create a new wine. The desire to bring a new flavour to market, must be followed by knowledge and experience. Hence, the main reason we don’t all make wine in our garage’s. Modern man relies on the wit of the old world farmer for their bottle of the best.

But without the science containers of fermenting grape juice would explode, ultraviolet light would sour the drink through non-coloured glass bottles, white wines would be cloudy and thick, and to hide the processing mistakes our wine would have spices added, making wine more like vermouth. So let’s hear it for science and its sublime relationship the noble grape.

Find here several mini-sites about making wine ~ the terms, history, raw materials, processes and elements that go into creating the end product. The glossary is ever burgeoning, and the varieties of wine are continually growing as new vintner’s in countries around the globe, like China and India join the big 5: France, Spain and Italy, Australia, and the United States.