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Tasting Notes


First…what Affects the Taste of Wine?

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It may seem strange to a novice like it did to me not long ago, but the glass from which one drinks wine is very important to its tasting notes. A glass ‘goblet’ if you will, for sake of visualization, should be exactly that: glass; not plastic, not wood, not metal. Glass. We don’t want to add flavours to the delicate complexity of the drink.

The shape of the ‘bowl’ is important and needs to be appropriate for the type of wine served in it; we’ll get into that later.

The thickness of the overall glass and rim seems to make a difference as well. Rule of thumb: thinner is better.

Next, the temperature the wine has been stored.


The temperature the wine is served at makes a huge difference, too. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Decant a bottle into two similar containers, chill one and warm the other, then taste both as their temperatures change by sitting out.